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We are a full-service insurance agency, with customized services to meet your needs.

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Accumulating tickets may cause you to have points on your driver’s license and that may cause you to loose your insurance in the standard market and/or your driver’s license.


Too many accidents or claims will cause your premium to increase and/or cause your policy to cancel on non-renew. Either way, we have a company to place you with.


You should know that your driver’s license is important and if you have been suspended, and you continue driving and accumulating more tickets/points, your license may be revoked.


The state may require you to obtain and file an SR-22 for a stated period of time. This is financial responsibility insurance the state may require.


In most cases you will loose your driving privileges; however, you may qualify for limited driving privileges--a hardship license.

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Auto & Motorcycle Insurance

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The state of Missouri requires motorists to provide and carry minimum liability of $25,000 - $50,000 for bodily injury and $10,000 for property damage.

You may choose to purchase comprehensive and collision coverage which protects your investment in the event of loss.

A non-owner insurance policy can be obtained if you do not own a vehicle, but drive vehicles belonging to others.

By law, you are still required to obtain an insurance policy.  And you will be protected in any vehicle you drive.

Homeowners' and Renters' Insurance

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If you are living in a house or renting an apartment, you should not bare the burden if or when you have a loss.

Whether it's fire, theft, vandalism or an act of God, just to mention a few, you should be covered by your insurance company.

Maybe you just want to check the market for a lower rate.  We offer extraordinary service.

Call us today, to review your insurance needs.

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